Choongbuk Experience Towns prepare for foreigners
Choongbuk Experience Towns prepare for foreigners
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【Danyang=KoreaPlus】 Reporter Bong Ji Hyun= Choongbuk Experience Towns prepare for foreigners


Communication Guidebook with Foreign Visitors

Managers and Representatives of Experience Towns in Choongbuk province are preparing to be more accomodating to foreigners by trying their best to communicate better in English and Chinese. Last month during Managers Empowerment Training, a lecture on how to approach English speaking visitors was carried out as an introduction to the use of "Communication Guidebook with Foreign Visitors".


This guidebook was published in July this year by Korea Green Tourism Council to aid in connecting more with the foreign experience visitors by providing basic communication translations and pronunciations in English and Chinese. Written and edited by native English and Chinese speakers, sentences are composed in short and easy to follow structure, simple enough for beginners to tackle.


Although foreign groups travel with translators and our trusted translating devices, this approach may break down the fear barrier of communication for both parties.



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