Dokkaebi plays English tricks again this Halloween
Dokkaebi plays English tricks again this Halloween
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【Danyang=KoreaPlus】 Reporter Bong Ji Hyun = Dokkaebi plays English tricks again this Halloween.

Banggok Dokkaebi is said to play its tricks again this year during Halloween through “Halloween English Camp with Kkaebi” in Banggok Experience Town. Last year’s Halloween English Camp was a hit amongst attendees where children had to open up their English-speaking skills throughout the camp. Through play, exercises and experience programs, children learn to associate words into phrases in order to communicate with each other without the fear of making mistakes.

Although this year’s English Camp schedule has been postponed multiple times due to rising Covid19 cases, students and parents can no longer wait to enjoy this learning opportunity.

Through twinning program that helps link urban and rural resources, people can enjoy these experience-programs at an affordable price while suppliers can still charge without making a loss, as certain percentage of the fees are subsidized.

Halloween English Camp with Kkaebi will be held on the last weekend of October where children will enjoy Halloween themed games, self-made decorations, experience programs, meals, Halloween story telling and relaxation programs, all carried out in English.

Spaghetti Lunch
Getting dressed up
Final English presentation


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